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Converting JPG to PNG

Photographs, drawings, screenshots, and other types of media are usually contained in image files ending in .JPG and .PNG.

However, JPGs (or sometimes JPEGs) are different from PNGs. With a JPG, you have a file with lossy quality. Essentially, image compression has reduced the quality of the image. When you create a JPG, you can determine the level of lossiness. Images with high quality usually have a larger file size, so compressing them can make them take up less space on your computer.

Meanwhile, PNGs are lossless, which means they are not compressed. Additionally, PNGs support transparency, which JPGs do not. Transparency allows for specific pixels of an image to be blank, which is useful when placing one image over another. However, PNGs do not support CMYK color spaces, so they aren't as effective for printing as they should be.

What are the benefits of converting JPG to PNG?

The biggest reason to convert JPG files to PNG is to create transparency support. When you edit an image with a lot of white space, it won't allow you to remove it. In JPGs, every pixel must contain color information, so empty pixels tend to be filled with black or white.

When uploading a PNG to a service that compresses images, your PNG upload will look the same as it does on your computer. This is useful if you have a very special or specific image that you want to preserve.

The original JPG file should be kept if you plan to print the image at some point. PNG files do not contain CMYK information, so printing them is tricky.

How To Convert JPG to PNG

  • Upload JPG files directly from your computer, or by dragging and dropping them into the PNG converter JPG box.
  • After Uploading press convert now button to start conversion.
  • Our tool will begin converting your JPG images to PNG once they have been uploaded. Your new PNG file format can then be viewed by downloading it directly to your computer.