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Using our online text editor you can edit plain text online. This WordPad online lets you format your notes with styles, add images, links, and more. It contains many features, including undo, redo, line numbers, print margins, font sizes, and many more

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Editing Text Online - An Online Editor For Text

As paper writing has evolved over the years, word processing software has replaced it. Many people prepare and edit files using software like MS Word, WordPad, etc., when they perform writing tasks across a wide range of fields. However, the problem people face with these programs is that they don't come for free. In order to run them smoothly, they must be installed on your device, and it must be compatible enough to run them.

The online text editor is part of the modern invention that is making it easier for people to edit their text files without any hassle. With the advancement of technology, people are moving towards the online world. There are a lot of features available on our online text editing tool. You can use it in a few minutes to edit any text file.

What is the Plain Text Editor?

Our developers have created this exceptional text writing tool to make editing easy for everyone. This utility is powered by advanced algorithms that facilitate document manipulation without any issues. You won't be required to sign up or log in, and the online text editor works wonderfully on all types of operating systems, including iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Linux. Moreover, it's free - no premium membership needed!

What is the Online Text Editor?

With our editor, users do not have to go through or follow any intricate procedures when editing their text files online. The editing features provided on this tool are similar to those used in text editing programs like MS Word, so you do not have to learn anything new. Below are the simple steps you need to follow in order to use this online text editor.

  • Enter your text in the box provided on this tool.
  • Edit your text according to your needs using the editing toolkit.
  • With a single click, you can save the edited file on your device once you have completed the editing process.

Our Online Text Editor Features

Here are some of the features you can enjoy with our online text editor that make it the best text editor in the world.

Toolbar for editing text:

Text-based documents can be edited using the editing toolbar provided on this tool. It contains many features, including undo, redo, line numbers, print margins, font sizes, and many more.

It's easy to use:

Once you access this tool, you can immediately begin using the text editing service on the go.

Editing that is fast and error-free:

Using this tool, you can edit any file in a matter of minutes. With just one click, you can download the perfectly edited file on your device.

Word Count

You can check the total number of words you have written or pasted in our online textpad (notebook).

Character Count

The character count feature will promptly count characters and spaces in your writing and display the results.

Download File:

With one click, you can download the file as Word document after editing the file.

Who Can Use This Online Text Editor Tool ?

This online text editor isn't limited to a specific group of people. Below is a list of the main users of this free tool.

For Bloggers and Writers

With this online service, bloggers and writers can create and edit blogs with features like line numbers, font size, text styles, margins, and alignment.

For Researcher

Researchers can easily edit their analysis and reports with this best text editor from anywhere in the world.

For Educators

Using the plain text editor, teachers can create notes, exam papers, and other resources for students without downloading any software.

For Students

Due to the tool's compatibility with all kinds of devices, students can easily prepare assignments and edit essays as their teachers instruct them to.

Coders & Developers

Developers can use this tool instead of Notepad to create web pages and edit HTML codes at any time.